Our mission

Why effective lighting is so important to us

Professional lighting design is usually about casting a building or product in the best possible glow. Especially when it comes to events, however, the atmosphere created by the light plays an additional, crucial role. In fact, it’s often the main factor influencing how people feel about the entire occasion and whether or not it was a success.

Our mission is to work independently and with renowned manufacturers of lighting technology to develop highly innovative fixtures and illuminants which meet our high standards for “brilliant lighting” and to make them available professionally and enjoyably to a growing circle of customers.

People need light. Under the blue skies of summer, for example, more than 100,000 lux of sunshine serve as a buoyant mood enhancer. In winter and when people spend more time indoors, this added assistance is greatly reduced. That is why we also pay special attention to this area of artificial lighting and to conscientiously investigating certain technologies and their biological impact.

Brilliant lighting – easily rented.

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