Applications for rented fixtures

The right light for every occasion


Where the world comes together

Large-scale exhibitions and trade shows have a very special flair. This is where people briefly come together, looking for inspiration, practical products, new contacts and the opportunity to present themselves and their services. Optimal lighting can be a crucial success factor.


Creating the perfect setting.

Some exhibition spaces need a subdued atmosphere if the items on display are to truly shine. Sometimes the lighting must help stationary objects come to life. An adept lighting design can be sensual, dynamic, stimulating – and even inspire visitors to make a purchase.


Delighting guests every time.

It’s wonderful to enjoy an enthralling event. The lighting is crucial – something that becomes clear the moment the everyday fixtures are switched on, catapulting guests back to a less carefully lit reality.


Because the customer is always right.  

Are you interested in optimising your product presentation, ensuring a positive atmosphere and extending the time customers are willing to engage? Would you like to create an environment in which you can realise your business vision and be fully motivated while interacting with customers? Then SPOTS UP is the partner you’ve been looking for.